Great Performances

In 2001, PB has chosen an inspirational and dedicated recipients as Achievement Award winners.

By Susan Bady, Contributing Editor | February 27, 2001

They are an inspiration to everyone—those individuals and organizations that keep raising the bar for the home building industry. Not content with the status quo, they are doing their utmost to improve the quality of American housing and tackle the problems builders face every day.

This year, the editors of Professional Builder honor five recipients with Achievement Awards:



  •  Architect Sarah Susanka, who created a new vocabulary for housing design that focuses less on square footage and more on craftsmanship, comfort and custom details.



  •  Colorado builder McStain Enterprises, which has incorporated a green building philosophy into every aspect of its company. McStain recently formed a department of ecology and appointed a director of environmental programs.



  •  Casa Verde Builders, which helps troubled young adults in Austin, Texas by not only training them to build houses, but also to reclaim their lives.



  •  Peter Anderson, an instructor with Skills USA-VICA. Anderson developed a four-year Building Trades program at a Dublin, Va., high school.



  •  The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, better known as PATH. This affiliation of government agencies and business leaders is speeding up the process of bringing new technologies to market that result in healthier, more affordable and more energy efficient houses.

    The vision and dedication of these award winners has made an indelible mark on the housing profession, and will continue to do so in the years to come. They have shown us that homes can be more thoughtfully designed and better built, and that there are viable solutions to the labor crisis the industry faces. They deserve our thanks for a job well done.

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