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Initially launched in 1993, the American Lung Association has trained thousands of builders from across the U.S. under the Health House program.

January 01, 2007

Differentiation is the name of the game for home builders looking to successfully compete in a crowded market. However, finding that elusive "thing" is the major challenge. The American Lung Association wants its Health House program to help builders do just that.

"Builders are looking for ways to stand out from others in their markets," says Robert Moffitt, spokesperson for the American Lung Association (ALA).

Initially launched in 1993, the ALA has trained thousands of builders from across the U.S. under the Health House program. The strict guidelines include specifications for details including window U values and defined tolerances for duct leakage and insulation requirements. They also call for smart engineering features such as air ventilators to be located in furnace rooms.

A recent ALA survey of residents in a Health House community built by the Sacramento, Calif., division of D.R. Horton showed respondents' overall family health improved, sleep became more restful and allergies affected them less. "We feel like when we enter our house it's a breath of fresh air," one homeowner said.

Builders interested in becoming a Registered Health House Builder can visit the ALA's Health House Web site at for more information. The ALA even offers customized on-site training for builders and their staff.

Once they receive an ALA Health House designation, builders can tap into a variety of marketing opportunities that can help them rise above the competition.

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