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San Francisco's home bitcoin value is the highest at 113 bitcoin, or $1.588 million, per Paragon Real Estate Group. While experts caution that bitcoin's bubble may be ready to burst, the housing industry is warming up to this cryptocurrency.

Fortune reports that the national median home price in November 2017 was $248,000; using the midday price of bitcoin on January 15, 2018, that's roughly equal to 17.65 bitcoin, per CoinDesk. States and cities with home bitcoin values similar to the national average include Phoenix, Arizona at $243,000, or 17.3 bitcoin, Connecticut at $247,500, or 17.6 bitcoin, and New York at 18 bitcoin, or $254,000.

One Miami condo seller is only accepting Bitcoin offers, while online real estate brokers say several other listings are willing to accept bitcoin as a payment option. (A residential/commercial property in the Isle of Man is also accepting the digital currency.)

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