Hundreds Of Coastal Communities Will Deal With Rising Sea Levels This Century

July 14, 2017

Sea levels are expected to rise between one to six feet by the year 2100, and coastal cities including Boston, Miami, and San Francisco will have to prepare.

CNN reports that as many as 670 communities near the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can experience severe flooding on a regular basis by the end of the century. Some 90 communities, mainly in Maryland and Louisiana, are considered inundated today.

These results come from a study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists. They argue that the millions of dollars that cities spend on mitigation are a temporary fix. More meaningful climate policy changes will need to be made by the federal government.

"Holding warming between 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century could spare between roughly 200 and 380 US coastal communities, including nearly 50 major cities from chronic flooding," the study states.

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