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Luring prospective buyers back into the housing market may seem like a futile task as mortgage rates creep to new highs and home prices continue to post record gains, but a few innovative home improvements can keep home sales on track even during a nationwide slowdown. According to Housing Design Matters, adding dual work from home spaces to home models can attract professional couples looking for additional space to work remotely, while pet friendly features also appeal to homebuyers who adopted animals during the pandemic.

As Americans spend more time at home, prospective buyers are also seeking out pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with diverse architecture, sidewalks, landscaping, and inviting front porches.

Many of us developed new cooking skills during the pandemic out of necessity. But not everyone has a kitchen that is worthy of their newfound skills. And since so many of us combine cooking and entertaining, we need a kitchen complete with inviting island and a supporting Messy Kitchen.

Features like the Messy Kitchen are a great way to put the spotlight on a problem that home buyers never knew they had. As one builder/client put it: “Now that I’ve been convinced of the merits of a ‘messy kitchen’ to hide our small kitchen appliances, I am bothered by the blender that has been sitting out on the counter for weeks without being used.”

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