Living Well Comes Easy In These American Neighborhoods

March 10, 2016

Picture this classic 80s action movie setup; a police detective seems to have it all, he loves his job, has a beautiful wife and child, and lives with them in a charming home. Until one day, thanks to the nefarious work of (insert generic 80s bad guys here), it all gets taken away, throwing his life into turmoil and chaos. What does he do? He grabs a duffle bag, packs it with as much as it will hold, and sets out for revenge… and moves to Locust Grove in Charlottesville, Va., where he lives out his days in quiet, pleasant fashion.

Okay, so maybe that ending isn’t quite from an 80s action movie, but they do say that living well is the best revenge. And if you want to live well, according to a new report from Trulia, you can’t find a better neighborhood to do so in than Locust Grove.

Trulia scoured the nation looking at aspects of neighborhoods such as quiet streets, great places to play, and care and essentials (think hospitals, pharmacies, and day care centers). It then plugged in the information into a formula to construct a Live Well Index and found the five best neighborhoods for living well in small (population under 1 million), midsized (population between 1 and 2 million), and large cities (population more than 2 million).

Locust Grove, the new home of our revenge-seeking cop, was ranked as the number one neighborhood for living well among small cities with a Live Well Index score of 87.0. It’s best features were a large number of play-centric amenities and having 52 percent of its streets labeled as quiet.

The best neighborhood for a medium city was Outer Sunset located In San Francisco, Calif. Despite having a very high median price per square foot, it had plenty of care and essential amenities and also a good amount of trails and footpaths. Meanwhile, the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, Calif. took the top spot among large cities with a huge amount of trails and sidewalks and a strong percentage of quiet streets.

For the full list of great neighborhoods to live well in, click the link below.

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