LP® SmartSide® Vertical Siding Creates Seamless Look For Less

May 25, 2018
Hearthside Homes Exterior Front

Hearthside Homes is a residential homebuilder north of Kansas City, Missouri. In June 2017 the company began work on Riverwood, a 22-home residential community built with a craftsman-style aesthetic and solid, durable framework. For the exterior cladding the company used LP® SmartSide® Vertical Siding, which reduces horizontal seams with its 16-foot lengths.

Hearthside Homes owner Dennis Shriver has been a longtime user of LP SmartSide siding products. The Riverwood design called for exterior walls higher than 12 feet, and using 12-foot siding would create a seam where the panels come together.

Shriver chose LP SmartSide Vertical Siding, and its 16-foot length eliminated the problem. “Otherwise, our crew would have had to build something down in the peak of the gable to create a shorter length or come up with an alternative to hide the seams,” says Shriver. The single-story Riverwood homes range from 1,360 to 2,580 square feet. Approximately 400–600 square feet of LP SmartSide Vertical Siding was used on each home. According to Shriver, the vertical siding not only eliminated the seams, but also allowed for a much easier installation—saving both time and money.

In addition to LP SmartSide Vertical Siding, Shriver used many other LP SmartSide siding products on Riverwood, including the LP® SmartSide® Perfection Shingle, Trim and Soffit to create the board & batten look of traditional craftsman homes. Shriver says that using LP SmartSide products increases a home’s value.

He also noted that the LP SmartSide warranty offers broader, longer coverage than competitive warranties, covering the full cost of repairs or replacements for five years.



Riverwood is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Shriver plans to use LP SmartSide Vertical Siding in future jobs with similar designs. While the primary benefit was to create a seamless look, he was glad to find that the siding’s workability also led to reduced labor costs. 

“Instead of building something down in the peak or finding ways to disguise the seam, my crew was able to simply apply one panel, cut to length and go,” says Shriver. “Using LP SmartSide siding is a superior way to build.”


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