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By Tim Kane, MBK Homes, President, Southern California, Irvine, CA | September 30, 2005

Therma-Tru Entry Doors


Therma-Tru's Classic-Craft Mahogany Collection brings elegant design and innovative technology to any entryway, helping to create a grand entrance reminiscent of America's great historic homes. The Mahogany Collection features the look of authentic Honduran mahogany in an environmentally friendly material, featuring intricate, handcrafted details on a surface that can be finished to complement any home's exterior.

AccuGrain technology is the patented approach to authentic wood grain appearance with all the advantages of Therma-Tru fiberglass. It's made like a genuine wood door with solid-wood square edges, architecturally correct stiles, rails and panels; nonetheless, it won't split, crack or rot like wood.

In My Own Words

"We once used wooden front doors. The problem was that these doors — particularly if painted dark — would absorb so much heat, they'd begin delaminating and eventually fail. We had experts look at the situation, and they said we were painting the doors too dark. So we turned to Therma-Tru doors, which are made of fiberglass, but look just like wood. We can paint them any color, and it doesn't matter. They don't delaminate in the hot California sun, and we don't have that problem any more."

Schlage Locks


Installing Schlage's Maximum Security locks with Grade 1 security features on all exterior doors protects the perimeter of the home, providing the highest level of security. Schlage's Maximum Security handleset on front doors combines elegant styling with the best security a homeowner can have, backed by the Ultima Lifetime Anti-Tarnish Warranty.

Schlage's Maximum Security products are the cornerstone for any builder looking for the best safety products available. Homeowners will value the improved security and enhanced beauty of their homes. Shown here is Schlage's maximum security Plymouth 505 and 605 Exterior Entrance Handleset in Ultima Bright Brass.

In My Own Words

"Working with another manufacturer, we were experiencing failure with our front door locks. We went to Schlage and that stopped. Obviously, it is very important to have a lock on the front door that works — it makes that first impression. If it isn't working there, it puts everything else in doubt. We use a variety of Schlage locks, since we build everything from condos to million-dollar homes. They have quality products for all our needs."

Milgard Windows



Until recently, the complex frame components required for patio-door designs were impossible to attain with fiberglass. But Milgard's R&D team changed all that by engineering French doors and French-style sliding patio door systems that are as attractive as they are weatherproof and durable. Their fiberglass components are up to three times stronger than wood and up to eight times stronger than vinyl. It's a difference homeowners will appreciate for a lifetime.

Milgard's fiberglass patio doors ward off wind, snow and rain, year after year, without peeling, expanding, contracting, cracking or warping. They're impervious to cold, heat, insects, salt air and corrosion. Shown here is Milgard's fiberglass WoodClad sliding patio door.

In My Own Words

"We use Milgard windows because they've eliminated all of our problems with leaks. We don't think there's a sliding door out there that opens and closes as smoothly as Milgard. Plus, the quality is immediately apparent to our customers.

Eurodesign Cabinets


Eurodesign's consistent dedication to providing exceptional cabinetry that plays an integral part in the buying process has aligned them with many award-winning builders. Year after year, builders who select Eurodesign Cabinetry set the benchmark in providing exceptional homes, differentiating them from their competitors. These results reflect Eurodesign Cabinets' commitment to providing the best products and service to builders of the most prestigious projects in California.

Most recently, MBK Homes was ranked number one in Overall Customer Satisfaction by Eliant. MBK Homes not only obtained the number one ranking in Southern California, but also nationwide in a field of more than 175 builders. Eurodesign Cabinets is proud to be MBK Homes exclusive cabinetry provider for all its projects.

In My Own Words

"We use almost the entire Eurodesign line in our homes — from white thermofoil cabinets to high-end wood cabinets. Eliant Survey Systems, which asks homeowners to rate their satisfaction with all the elements in their homes and then uses the results to rate builders nationwide, showed that homeowners didn't score out cabinets very well. So we tried to find a way to improve our cabinet offering by using Eurodesign. Immediately, our survey results turned around.

"The quality is noticeably different. They fit better, the finish is better and everything is lined up: They are just better cabinets. We use them in kitchens, baths and for linens. The company offers a large variety of styles."

Stego Wrap


Stego Wrap 15-mil is a true vapor barrier — not a vapor retarder. Never before has a thin-gauge plastic material been manufactured with a water vapor transmission rate that is virtually zero. Stego Wrap is extruded from prime virgin resins and additives on a first-melt basis. Stego does not use low-grade resins, recycled or reground materials, cross-lamination, layers of scrim or fabric backing. Virgin plastic molecules cross-link to provide a homogenous membrane with the same permeance and puncture resistance throughout the web of the film. Because of its high puncture resistance, Stego Wrap when buried has an indefinite life span: It will be intact for the life of the building.

In My Own Words

"Using Stego Wrap has been an additional expense for our houses, but it is worth it. California has set new manufacturing standards, and now mastics are all water-based. If you have any water or wetness in the concrete slab and there's a floor on it, water will come up and the glue will fail, causing the flooring to delaminate from the slab.

"That's why we use Stego Wrap under the slab. It's a membrane barrier that keeps water from migrating up to the slab. We formerly used Visqueen, but to do that correctly, you need to put it on top of six inches of sand. Plus, the Visqueen had a tendency to break when someone walked on top of it. Stego Wrap uses half as much sand, and it is much more durable — it doesn't break.

"What's more, not having to use as much sand saves me tons of money. For every inch of sand I put in, an inch of dirt needed to be hauled off the site. That's much more expensive in the long run."

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