Minnesota Leads The Way On The Job Creation Index

February 1, 2016

Step aside, Joffrey Baratheon, you aren’t the only one who can usurp a throne. Minnesota has taken the top spot on Gallup’s Job Creation Index, besting North Dakota, which had been the top overall state for the past six years.

The Job Creation Index uses workers’ reports of hiring activity at their place of employment to create the scores for the list. Minnesota has a score of +38, followed by Georgia and Utah with +36. North Dakota remained in the top ten with a +34 score.

Minnesota’s +38 was based on an average of 46 percent of working Minnesotans who said their company was hiring workers or expanding the size of its workforce compared to 8 percent who said their company was letting workers go.

The national average score for 2015 was a +30.

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