The Most Popular States For Retirees Who Relocate

Florida, Arizona, and the Carolinas lead the way

July 25, 2017
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No surprise here: By a wide margin, Florida leads the nation in net migration of people age 60 or older.

SmartAsset ranked the most popular states for retirees who relocate, based on U.S. Census data. Florida had a net migration of 77,888 in 2015, topping the list. Along with the beautiful weather and plethora of activities, Florida does not tax withdrawals from retirement accounts, making it an attractive place for retirees.

Arizona, at 27,576, was second in net migration in 2015, followed by North Carolina (14,015), South Carolina (8,285), and Oregon (5,036). All of the top 10 states were in the Southeast or West, except for ninth-ranked Delaware (2,629).

As for Oregon maybe golf partially explains it. We recently found that Portland, Oregon is the best city for people who love to golf. And if there is one group who love to golf, it’s retirees. … Alabama and Delaware, which ranked eighth and ninth, respectively, are also tax-friendly states for retirees.

SmartAsset also found the cities with the highest net migration of people over 60. Five of the 10 most popular cities are in Arizona, including top-ranked Mesa, with a net migration of 3,442 in 2015.

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