In My Own Words: Anastasi Development Company

Larry Conley, Director of Purchasing for Anastasi Development Co. tells us what products he won't build without.
February 28, 2006


Larry Conley, Director of Purchasing, Anastasi Development Co., Redondo Beach, CA

First Company's Wall Mate Condensing Unit

Available in 1.5-ton through 2.5-ton capacities, the Wall Mate HP from First Company can save thousands of dollars in construction costs on multi-story buildings, when used instead of a conventional heat pump system. Rather than installing a condenser unit on the ground or on a roof, the Wall Mate HP condensing unit installs through an outside wall — typically in a patio or balcony closet — on the same floor as the fan coil. For convenience, a wall sleeve and slide-out chassis are standard on all models, and normal service can be performed without removing the chassis.

In My Own Words

"First Company's thru-the-wall, split condensing units — specifically, the 1-1/2- through 2-1/2-ton condensers — allow the economical installation of HVAC in our multifamily projects. No more long refrigerant runs, chaseways to the roof or the ground for refrigerant lines, or roof penetrations and flashings. The condensers blend easily into the design of our homes."

La Habra Poly-Bond

When foam architectural details are specified, LaHabra PolyBond provides both an adhesive and stucco basecoat in one product. Designed for exterior foam shapes, PolyBond can be applied with a trowel or as a spray. PolyBond is available in coarse sand aggregate for maximum keying strength; or in fine sand aggregate for smooth textures and fine details. In general, PolyBond costs less than premixed wet products. Mix only what you need for small details, so there's little waste.

In My Own Words

"This is a reliable product with superior adhesive properties, consistent texture and reliable adhesion of the La Habra exterior finishes we specify. La Habra's EnDura Homeowner Information and Certification program is excellent, helping us to communicate to the buyer the proper care of their stucco system."

KitchenAid, Architect Series Gas Range

The KitchenAid 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range with Gas Convection Oven uses a dedicated heating element in the rear fan to circulate heated air under and around foods for even cooking. The EasyConvect Conversion System offers conversions from conventional to convection times. Other features include:

  • A Sabbath mode feature makes it possible to use the range on religious holidays without having to turn it on
  • A front-mounted control panel provides makes easy to change settings without having to reach over the cooktop

In My Own Words

"This product has wonderful features that our buyers value, such as the stainless steel finishes, full-surface cast-iron grates and the 'true convection' oven. I also appreciate the removable backsplash that allows our marketing team to specify custom tile or granite backsplashes to coordinate with the counter surfaces."

Schlage F- Series Residential Locksets

Builders offer many upgrades to boost the value and appeal of their homes. But for a fraction of the cost of better-grade carpeting, hardwood floors and marble countertops, Schlage locks will make a terrific first impression at the front door and throughout the home. Combine elegant styling with the best security homeowners can buy with Schlage locks.

In My Own Words

"This product has proven buyer appeal as a quality lockset, with durability and reliability of both the mechanisms and their finishes. Schlage has served us with excellent parts availability and sales representatives. The Avanti lever handles are field-reversible, eliminating potential production delays from mishandling of openings."

Luxwall Interior Vinyl Paint

Luxwall heavy-duty interior acrylic paint by Frazee Paint offers top-of-the-line commercial quality with outstanding hiding power and a washable finish. Only one coat is required to cover new, textured drywall. It may also be used on properly prepared plaster, concrete and masonry.

In My Own Words

"The Luxwall product allows a one-coat application that effectively covers the wall, eliminating customer callbacks. Frazee provides both consistent custom-paint colors and great support for contractors with technical assistance during the project as well as after its completion."

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