Nearly 7 Million Homes Are At Risk Of Hurricane Storm Surge Damage

June 7, 2017

According to the 2017 CoreLogic Storm Surge Report, around 6.9 million homes near the U.S. coasts are at risk of damage from hurricane storm surge flooding. The homes have a cumulative value of $1.5 trillion.

Florida has, by far, the most homes that are extreme and very high risk. Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey, and New York are among the other states that have the most homes at risk.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts 12 storms for 2017, six of which are could develop into hurricanes.

A lower category storm that makes landfall in a highly populated area can be more catastrophic than a Category 5 storm that hits a small, sparsely populated town or undeveloped coastline.

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