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After three years of federally funded construction totaling $3.3 million, a once shuttered emergency shelter has reopened in Corona, Calif.

The Corona Harrison Shelter/Navigation Center will offer temporary housing for up to 35 unsheltered homeless people (and their pets) for 180 consecutive days. The shelter will also offer resources such as medical and dental care, and mental health and substance abuse services, and staff will help residents search for permanent housing during their stay, The Press-Enterprise reports.

Corona resident Barbara Young, 79, walked Wednesday afternoon around the renovated shelter, which bears little resemblance to the shelter she entered in 2012, when she came for food after being fired from her job and losing her apartment.

“I was lucky to have had people to get me out of homelessness,” Young said. “Back then, there weren’t resources, so I remember receiving help from volunteers at the center who offered me a guest house, which helped me get back up. So it’s just amazing to see the center have so many resources now for those who aren’t fortunate or lucky and to receive the care they need.”

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