Opportunities Arise For Women In Home Building

March 21, 2017

Since women have valuable input when it comes to buying homes, it makes sense that women are having a larger voice in home building leadership roles.

Biz Women spoke with Irene Hall, the VP of sales and marketing for FrontDoor Communities and the leaders of the Professional Women in Building council. She explained how she rose to her position, and how women can make their mark in the industry.

Hall said that women are skilled with balancing many tasks and are suited to become leaders in architecture, land acquisition, development, and finance. PWB offers women the opportunity to network and provides programs, scholarships, and seminars.

Forty-seven percent of privately-owned U.S. firms have women as the majority owner or equal partner — and about 885,000 of these firms are in the construction industry. Construction is also one of the industries with the fastest growth in women-oriented businesses.

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