Palo Duro Homes, Inc. Creates a New Standard of Living

By Owens Corning | October 22, 2015

The Palo Duro Mindset

  • Improve the overall comfort and standard of living for Santa Fe, NM homebuyers through energy-efficient, beautifully crafted, durable and affordable homes.
  • Utilize the experience gained as winners of the 2014 U.S. DOE Housing Innovation Award to deliver an improved HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating, resulting in greater energy efficiency.
  • Translate these new standards into meaningful benefits for buyers — setting a new standard for building homes in New Mexico.

Collaborative Effort

Together, Palo Duro and Owens Corning Insulating Systems teamed up to leverage their building expertise to create energy efficient, sustainable and affordable homes in Palo Duro’s Cielo Azul neighborhood, just outside of Santa Fe. The goal of their collaboration was to build demand by translating building science into meaningful homebuyer benefits worth paying for.

Bringing Two Great Minds Together For a Result Larger than the Sum of Its Parts

Palo Duro Homes

As a multi-generational home builder with 56 years of knowledge and experience across New Mexico and Colorado, Palo Duro Homes consistently exceeds expectations. With a background that includes working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program on research projects to improve home building production, their name is synonymous with special attention to detail, such as energy efficiency and exceptional interior and exterior features.

Owens Corning

Renowned for their building science knowledge and the systems to bring that expertise to life for Builders and their customers, Owens Corning is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, which enables the creation of ComfortBuilt™ Homes. Along with their building science expertise, Owens Corning also provided marketing support to Palo Duro Homes to promote their participation in the Parade of Homes. From a press release, brochure, signage and panels for their building science display, Owens Corning supplied Palo Duro Homes these tools to introduce ComfortBuilt™ Homes to Santa Fe.

“It’s the most comfortable home we’ve ever built!”

Tom Wade
Palo Duro Homes, INC.


Great access to energy-efficient, cost-effective, beautifully crafted housing options in New Mexico.

Palo Duro is one of the select few builders in New Mexico delivering 100 percent LEED-certified homes. The new Palo Duro Homes crafted with Owens Corning™ ComfortBuilt™ Building Science offer an approximate HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of an impressive 33 compared to a typical resale home in the area, which ranks closer to a 130 HERS score. This provides homeowners a potential savings of up to $149 per month*.

About 200 ComfortBuilt™ Homes are underway in the Cielo Azul neighborhood, located in Santa Fe’s booming south side. The first Palo Duro ComfortBuilt™ Home in the development was featured in Santa Fe’s Hacienda Parade of Homes tour.

*Costs were calculated using a home built with solar panels. 2014, Cielo Azul Home Development in Santa Fe, NM.

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Building Better Homes Together


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