Planners Believe New Buildings Can Decongest San Francisco

September 22, 2016

San Francisco is pushing through an aggressive plan to combat issues with traffic and rising housing costs.

CityLab reports that city officials have created a 26-item list of transportation demand management (TDM) measures for new development projects, which are intended to ease traffic and crowdedness, and possibly make the city more affordable.

TDM options include real-time transit info displays, commuter shuttles, and reductions in on-site parking.

Boulder, Cambridge, Santa Monica, and other cities also have TDM ordinances. But their policies have mainly applied to commercial developments and office spaces. The San Francisco code would apply to all new buildings of a certain size (10 or more units for residential, upwards of 10,000 square feet for commercial or institutional spaces). And it makes encouraging transit a priority, rather than an afterthought, for developers.

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