Pocket Doors, Shower Seats, And Non-Slip Floors Among Best Universal Design Bathroom Features

November 3, 2016

Pocket doors look neat, save space, and make life significantly easier for those with wheelchairs or walkers. The doors slide sideways into the wall, so there’s no swinging door to navigate around.

Pro Trade Craft listed seven Universal Design upgrades for the bathroom. Shower seats and hand-held shower sprays make bathing a breeze, and nonslip flooring and decorative grab bars help people prevent trips and falls. Taller toilets make a big difference, too.

According to Kohler, a 'Comfort Height' toilet is "approximately 2 inches taller than traditional toilets," American Standard calls them 'Right Height' toilets; they are about the same height as a chair, 16 to 17 inches above the floor. Seats that are 17-19 inches above the floor are easier for older peeps to sit on and stand from. Centering the toilet 18 inches from the side wall makes enough space to comfortably install grab bars.

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