Prices For Homes, Goods, And Services Are Cheapest In Mississippi

July 12, 2017

Though Mississippi residents have been battling economic hardships, at least the prices are inexpensive.

CNBC ranked the states that have the cheapest costs of living, looking at house prices, grocery prices, utility rates, and the costs of medicine and doctor visits.

Mississippi ranked first, with an average home price of $199,028, and monthly energy bills at around $128. A two liter of Coca-Cola sells for $1.48 on average in the state, and a half gallon of milk is only $2.02.

The Magnolia State has had a run of economic hard luck, including high unemployment, loss of population and serious state fiscal woes. It also has among the lowest personal income in the nation. In short, Mississippi is such a cheap state to live in because that is what its citizens can afford.

Indiana, Michigan, Arkansas, and Oklahoma round out the top five.

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