Professional Chefs Share How They Set Up Their Home Kitchens

November 5, 2015

When describing the kitchens of professional chefs Alysa Plummer and Austin Johnson, Houselogic says they organize their kitchens “smartly—and not as lavishly as you might think.”

“I want to turn around, not walk around,” Johnson, executive chef of The Krebs in Skaneateles, N.Y., who was the former sous chef at Manhattan’s The NoMad, tells Houselogic. This means a preference for a compact working space, where tools and appliances are logically organized.

Plummer, an alum of Boston’s L’Espalier, agrees with this. She has one work zone for each stage of the cooking process. “She recommends putting all your most used utensils — spatulas, wooden spoons, potato masher, etc. — into a container on the counter area on which you’ll be cooking the most,” Houselogic reports.

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