Recently-Moved Renters Are Getting Squeezed the Most

June 1, 2015

A study by the NYU Forman Center and Capital One found that there are nine cities where renters were the majority in 2013, compared to five in 2006.

With the influx of renters, city supplies aren't able to meet the demands, and many renters are getting priced out. CBS News reports that renters who moved recently are the ones getting squeezed the most in all 11 cities the study cites.

According to CBS News, the gap of median price paid by tenants who recently came and those who have been in the city for a while vary greatly across the 11 largest cities.

For example, people who moved to Atlanta within the past five years paid a median rent of $996, compared with $820 for tenants who have been in place longer.

Meanwhile, the gap was even wider in Boston, where more recent renters paid a median of $1,400, versus $840 for longer-term residents.

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