Size Of New Single-Family Homes Remains Unchanged For End Of 2015

February 17, 2016

While the average size of a single-family home may be larger than ever, it remained effectively unchanged from the third to fourth quarter of 2015. However, the average home size is expected to dip a little bit as more first-time buyers return to the market, NAHB’s Eye on Housing reports.

Between the third and the fourth quarter of 2015, the median single-family home grew ever so slightly from 2,440-sf to 2446-sf. Meanwhile, the mean square footage increased from 2,649-sf to 2,694-sf.

While it seems as though the size of the average single-family home is beginning to flatten out some, a one-year moving average basis shows the average size has increased 13 percent and the median size has increased 17 percent to 2,696-sf and 2,471-sf respectively.

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