Small Homes Face Push-Back in Michigan Cities

July 8, 2019
small homes
Photo: Unsplash/ Josh Withers

The Lansing City Pulse reports that local developers are fighting limitations in zoning and building codes that prevent the creation of small homes.

Some local developers contend that restrictions within zoning ordinances, along with the often-convoluted process for variances and municipal approval for construction, can pose a hindrance to homebuilders and would-be homeowners — especially for newly built homes with a smaller-than-typical footprint.

“Smaller homes can be reinvigorating to a neighborhood,” added Developer Jeff Deehan. “They bring fresh energy, creative spaces, and younger people that want to have more options for financial viability. There are a lot of people interested in these products but a lot of our city’s housing stock are these aging, larger buildings.”

The construction of smaller homes could lead to a wider array of affordable housing options for residents, especially first-time homeowners looking to live and work within their cities, Deehan said. They can also cost less to build and fit into smaller parcels, using less energy and improving overall affordability on the local market.

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