Small Local Breweries Revitalize St. Louis Neighborhoods

June 6, 2017

More than four dozen breweries in St. Louis aren’t just producing flavorful and innovative ales and lagers. They are building a sense of community.

Urban Land reports that small local breweries pull neighborhoods together and lure beer enthusiasts who want more than just something to drink.

“Breweries serve as community centers where people connect and create vibrant neighborhoods,” said Troika Brodsky, executive director of the St. Louis Brewer’s Guild. “It’s more than just, ‘Stop by for a beer.’ It’s ‘Stop, sip, and stay.’”

While there were only two breweries in St. Louis as recently as the 1980s, today there are 50 separate companies in operation today, including Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., Rockwell Beer Co., and Old Bakery Beer Co.

Breweries are also good ways for young entrepreneurs to invest in the local economy. One brewer built a 10,000 square-foot production center in Alton, Ill., a small city just north of St. Louis.

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