These Are The Top 10 Cities In The Country Where Millennials Are Living With Mom

Texas and California each have two cities in the top five where working-age Millennials are living at home with Mom

May 6, 2016

Mother’s Day in El Paso, Texas might be a little bit busier than in the rest of the country. While many families are split up and living in different states and have to settle for a FaceTime call or Skype session to wish Mom a happy Mother’s Day, for those in El Paso, serving breakfast in bed shouldn’t be too much trouble. This is because El Paso has the highest percentage in the country of 24 to 34 year olds that are still living at home with Mom, according to Zillow.

While the number of Millennials who are still living at home has steadily been increasing and now sits at 21 percent nationally, 33.9 percent of working age Millennials are still at home in El Paso. This 33.9 percent breaks down to 43.7 percent male and 56.3 percent female.

The rest of the top five cities are Ventura, Calif. (33.7 percent), Miami, Fla. (33.4 percent), Riverside, Calif. (32.7 percent), and McAllen Texas (32.5 percent). Some of the challenges Millennials in this age group are facing are increasing rents combined with stagnant wages and huge amounts of student loan debt (graduates who are just finishing school have, on average, the highest amount of debt ever).

Culture also plays a factor as Hispanic families are much more likely to live in multigenerational households than other ethnic groups and communities that have a large share of Millennials living at home also have large Hispanic populations.

Omaha, Neb., on the other hand, has the smallest percentage of young adults who are still living with mom at 11 percent, well below the current national average and even below the national average of 13 percent witnessed back in 2005.

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