Tiny Home Dwellers And Builder Face Restrictions In Colorado

July 21, 2017

People who want a minimalistic lifestyle and an affordable place to live love tiny homes. Local governments in Colorado aren’t as receptive.

The Colorado Spring Gazette reports that tiny home enthusiasts are working with planning and building officials from several counties to ease zoning regulations and land-use codes.

Tiny homes with wheels can technically be considered recreational vehicles, and therefore are prohibited from being used as permanent housing. Also, many tiny homes are built by do-it-your-selfers and amateur contractors, so the homes may not be up to code.

Colorado is one of the top states for tiny home, with more than a dozen companies and an annual expo in Colorado Springs.

"It's a hub of the movement and a hub of the industry," said Darin Zaruba, founder of the Tiny House Jamboree. "But, the irony is, it's one of the hardest states to be dealing with where to place (the houses)."

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