The Top 10 Destinations for Homebuyers

August 21, 2019
south carolina
Photo: Unsplash/Clint Patterson found the 10 most popular cities for home shoppers coming from out of state.

Out-of-state buyers were mostly attracted to lower-cost markets in the South and West, according to's new Cross Market Demand report. Seven of the top 10 markets attracted nonlocal buyers looking at homes whose median price was 3% to 34% cheaper than the median home price in their home markets. The ranking is based on which markets got the most views on from outside their state in the second quarter of 2019. (Metropolitan markets typically include some nearby smaller towns.)

Charleston, S.C., topped the list, likely due to a booming job market, low taxes, and moderately priced homes. It was followed by Boise, Idaho; Honolulu; Columbia, S.C.; and Cape Coral, Fla.

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