UK Insurance Company Starts Production Of Prefabricated Homes For Young Professionals

July 18, 2017

The London-based insurance company Legal & General is addressing England’s housing crunch with small, comfortable, and affordable prefabricated homes.

Curbed reports that the 280 square feet homes have amenities and features that include underfloor heating, a smart door system, and solar panels, and they arrive on-site nearly complete. Rent prices range from roughly $785 to $915 a month, well less than the median rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the area ($1,307).

The extremely tight squeeze has raised fears of downsizing and “racing to the bottom” as far as home sizes go, and the new models technically don’t meeting national space standards governing the minimum size of units (the development director has been clear they don’t expect families to fit into such a dwelling).

The target market for the homes are young, single urban workers. Legal & General began production on the homes earlier this month.

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