Western Window Systems Brightens Schumacher Homes Custom Projects

November 19, 2014

The custom window configuration wows model home visitors

Schumacher Homes prides itself on being one of the largest custom homebuilders in the U.S. The Ohio-based company recently partnered with Western Window Systems to provide highly customizable sliding doors in their model homes. Once installed, Schumacher Homes New Product Manager John Becker knew Western was a perfect match.

“When we started to market in the Carolinas, we were looking for a door that could maximize style and make outdoor living tie into indoor living space,” Becker says.

Schumacher Homes chose Western Window Systems’ Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors to help create a remarkable first impression to potential homebuyers. In Schumacher’s sales center and model home complex just outside of Charlotte, N.C.—strategically placed by a high-traffic highway and open to visitors year-round—two types of homes are equipped with Western Window Systems’ Multi-Slide Doors: the Vinemont and the Catawba.

“In the Vinemont—the largest square-foot home—we used a 16-foot by 8-foot sliding door to open up the back patio,” Becker says. “In the Catawba where the concept was to bring the outdoors in, we used a 90-degree 24-foot sliding door.”

Becker notes that the Catawba’s courtyard-like layout is perfectly highlighted using the L-shaped configuration of Western’s Multi-Slide Door. “Every time a client sees it, it’s an ‘I have to have it’ kind of product,” Becker says.

To give potential homeowners the opportunity to tailor homes to their needs, the Western Window Systems Multi-Slide Door is offered as an add-on.

“Schumacher can customize the floor plan any way you want to have it,” Becker says. “Western Window Systems has done a great job in customizing what we’re trying to achieve. So if you don’t want it to be a 24-foot door, it’s been easy to work with them and change it to a 16-foot one.”

Becker also adds that Western Window Systems has been a valuable asset for Schumacher Homes to meet the diverse tastes of people in the market for affordable, custom homes.

“They helped fill in voids we weren’t able to do ourselves, like bringing the outdoors in or catering to a more active market that enjoys entertaining,” Becker says. “[Western] has done a great job in assisting us with whatever we needed.”