What Washington D.C. Homebuyers Want

November 2, 2016

Home builders in Washington, D.C. are trying to appeal to Millennial first-time buyers and downsizing Baby Boomers.

The Washington Post reports that more buyers desire smaller condos or townhouses, and that they want to live close to jobs, attractions, and public transportation. The Post found the top home trends that Beltway buyers are searching for, which include outdoor living spaces, open floor plans, lofts, large windows, and laminate plastic flooring.

Other trends: Master suites have gotten smaller and the sitting area is gone, master bathrooms have larger showers and no tub, and fireplaces are no longer a must-have for resale. And everyone, not just retiring boomers, wants a house built with “maintenance free” materials, such as fiber cement exterior siding, which resists rot and bugs and needs repainting only about every 15 years.

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