Where Are The Country’s Retirees Heading Most And Why?

It seems as though the classics reign supreme as Florida and Arizona are the top two destinations for individuals over 60

May 23, 2016

Every week it seems as though a new survey has been released or a new top ten list comes out that crunches the data and claims to have discovered the best places for retirees to move for a blissful retirement. The methodologies take into account everything from walkability and cultural activities to healthcare and assisted living costs. But something all of these lists tend to forget to look at is where retirees are actually headed. As MarketWatch reports, a new list created by SmartAsset did not forget to look at these numbers; in fact, they created a list based solely on where retirees are actually headed most.

According to SmartAsset’s list, it appears as though sometimes stereotypes are correct. Florida was the most popular destination for people over 60 in 2014, as it took in more people over 60-years-old than the next four states combined. There is no secret to its success either; the combination of warm weather, beautiful beaches, and the fact that it doesn’t tax individual income make it a popular destination for anyone, not just retirees. Florida had an overall net in-migration of 57,724 in 2014.

The runner-up on the list will not come as much of a surprise either. Arizona took the number two spot and was home to four of the top 10 cities retirees relocated to in 2014, including Mesa, which was the number one city on that list. Like Florida, the warm weather is a huge draw and, while it doesn’t quite go as far as Florida in eliminating income tax completely, it does have one of the lowest rates in the country. In 2014, Arizona’s net migration of people over 60 was 18,733.

South Carolina rounds out the top three with a net migration of people over 60 in 2014 of 12,295. Beaches, nice weather, low property taxes, and a low cost of living are all big draws to The Palmetto State.

Other states on the list include North Carolina (5), Texas (6), Nevada (8), and Delaware.

All of these retirees have to be coming from somewhere, and the states where retirees are leaving most are New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. All five of those states share at least some combination of a high cost of living, harsh winters, and high tax rates, all three of which are likely to push out recent retirees.

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