Who Are The Builder Members Of The NAHB?

June 9, 2016

For 2015, 32 percent of the NAHB’s members were builders, which is defined as those who are directly involved in home building. The other 68 percent were those involved in supportive industries and professions like trade contractors, manufacturers, retailers/distributors, designers, and architects, the NAHB’s Eye on Housing blog reports.

Single-family home building is the largest primary building activity among members as a share of 64 percent of respondents identifies themselves as existing within this category, which includes spec/tract, custom, or general contracting.

19 percent of respondents responded as being residential remodelers, 6 percent as commercial remodelers, 5 percent as multifamily builders, 4 percent as land developers, 1 percent as commercial remodelers, and another 1 percent as manufacturers of modular/panelized/log homes.

The median number of employees on payroll for NAHB builder members in 2015 was 5. 12 percent had one employee, 33 percent had two to four employees, 25 percent had five to nine employees, 23 percent had 10 to 49 employees, and 4 percent had 50 or more employees. Additionally, the median  number of housing starts in 2015 was five, which is unchanged from both 2014 and 2013.

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