Zillow Suggests Millennials Should Start With Condos

October 7, 2015

Real estate listing giant Zillow gives five reasons why Millennials should buy a condo as their first home.

“Chances are if you’re making at least an entry-level salary and have decent credit, a condo isn’t outside your grasp,” The Zillow Blog says to its younger audience.

Purchasing a condo can mean that Millennials will still be able to live in their favorite neighborhood as a homeowner instead of as a renter, allowing them to save money, time, and have a solid future investment.

Another reason to buy a condo is to make new friends. “If you live near a university or in an urban area, your condo neighbors will likely include many young professionals, grad students, and young families,” the blog says, adding that “the condo complex’s management team will probably throw community events periodically as well, so meeting new friends is almost a given.”

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