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The kitchen as focal point lives on, with increased emphasis on islands and pantries.

Stylecraft’s Doug French on first-time buyers, college towns, and the energy of youth.

To sort out options in siding, consider climate, home style, and most importantly, budget.

The team approach to designing a community results in a more cohesive result—and one that’s often more creative

Brisk business means increased revenue, happy salespeople, and satisfied shareholders. If you're less than prudent, it can also spell danger.

In an era of consolidation, here's how four regional builders are staying independent while maintaining a lead spot.

A recent study by the Urban Land Institute found that millennials aren't swapping the suburbs for city living as many prefer to dwell in centrally located neighborhoods.

An increase in small households represents big opportunity.

RESNET launched a new Water Efficiency Rating index to give homeowners an indication of their home's water-efficiency.

Home Innovation Reserach Labs recently achieved a major milestone with its National Green Building Standard certification program.

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