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The Construction Defect Center helps buyers whose subdivision houses have not been built properly, investigating their leaking roofs and windows, and defects in roof shingles, stucco installation, wood siding, plumbing systems, and appliances.

This vibrant sector of residential development continues to grow, bolstering neighborhoods and revitalizing urban areas 

Winners of the 2015 Housing Innovation competition prove that high-performance homes are possible in every climate and at any price point.

Infill opportunities extend beyond vacant city lots. Here are some smart ways to take advantage

Simplification is never about merely stripping out features or dumbing down the product. In fact, simplification is a way of thinking, designing, and operating that can improve product along with profits

Builders are short on workers, and that's in part due to immigration trends.

By 2025, the study says, 11 percent more households will pay over half of their income toward rent. The rise will hit Hispanics, Millennials, and seniors the hardest.

The technology used to be for high-end homes only, but not anymore. Buyers of all stripes are coming to expect a smart home, and it’s less expensive than ever to deliver one.

These five elements are key to a salesforce that leads the industry 

Builders and architects plan to certify more high-performance homes, but there‘s a limit as to how green they will go.

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