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For Broofield's Dave Bartlett, walkable doesn't apply just to downtown and urban neighborhoods

Apps for communicating, drawing, and managing documents and schedules are among the favorites.

Making the most of innovations in energy efficiency demands a technical understanding of the whys and hows behind the codes themselves. Here’s how to bone up on what your code official will be looking for 

In a time of consolidation, there are still regional builders that prevail in their markets

In the land of the giants, local builders make their stand, sale by sale

To meet sales, marketing, and profit objectives, a firm grasp on a precise number isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential.

Single-family rentals present a big opportunity for builders and developers looking for a new niche

Demand for rental housing is at an all-time high, fueled by a wave of Millennials who are taking their first steps into living on their own.

Finding an answer to the construction industry's labor shortage—in your own backyard

A new city ordinance makes solar systems mandatory for commercial and residential construction. Builders might oppose another regulation, though.

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