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Window Opening Control Device (WOCD)

Marvin Window Opening Control Device (WOCD)

Marvinʼs window opening control device meets the ASTM F2090 standard, is coastal compliant, and also features improved aesthetics, including hardware that is completely concealed when the window is fully closed. WOCDs are designed to restrict the opening of a sash to less than 4 inches to lessen the risk of accidental falls while still allowing for ventilation, and may help prevent potential falls for children 5 years and younger. However, this device can also be released to enable the sash to fully open for egress and automatically engages again when the window is fully closed. This innovative WOCD from Marvin answers a growing need for home builders and delivers industry-leading performance, quality, and style.


Pella Corporation

Hidden Screen

Pella Corporation Hidden Screen

Taking screen time down to zero. The Hidden Screen, designed by Pella, is a hassle-free window screen that appears when you want it and folds away when you donʼt, giving you a crystal-clear view and improved curb appeal. Drawing on decades of screen design and innovation, the Hidden Screen is the industryʼs first and only hidden screen for vinyl windows among leading national window brands.




Craft-Modern Inc. Doorlenz

The Doorlenz is a family of mini-porthole type windows that can be easily installed in an existing entry or interior door to create a clean look and interesting first impression for your home. Doorlenz requires no additional hardware. Three sizes can be mixed and matched with different colored lenses for a variety of changeable designs.