House Review

Classics at Station 361, from Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

Classics at Station 361, from Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

August 22, 2017

A century-old idea is being reborn, and it offers smart answers to the demands of today’s market

The Santa Rosa from EDI International

The Santa Rosa from EDI International

July 28, 2017

For single-family builders that haven’t yet ventured into multi, these designs offer an approachable introduction

The Gradient by KGA Studio Architects

June 28, 2017

Sized right for first-time buyers and downsizers alike, these homes make the most of a compact footprint

Barnwell At Wallis Ranch, Plan 2Y from Dahlin Group Architecture | Planning

May 30, 2017

Plans that respond to population trends, economic factors, and new kinds of living arrangements 

Azure Plan 3 from Robert Hidey Architects

May 01, 2017

From freestanding structures to tucked-in side patios, exterior space helps a home live larger

Key West Cottage Elevation home from The Evans Group

March 29, 2017

Essential design moves make it easier to deliver outdoor space, natural light, and privacy

Casa Trabajar from EDI International

February 28, 2017

Fresh interpretations of a setup that was once standard in most downtowns and villages

Master bath at the Tierra, a home from Dahlin Group Architecture

February 09, 2017

Today’s master suite offers practicality, top-tier finishes, and a variety of hardworking private spaces 

Traditional Smart Start Home from The Evans Group

January 09, 2017

Cost-effective ideas for homes that serve entry-level buyers and downsizers, too


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