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Image: Seth Dahl

It’s likely that you have your go-to brands, building products, and material specs that have served you well over the years, but every now and then it helps to know what else is out there—whether you plan to incorporate them into your rotation or not.

It’s called research, and all good builders, remodelers, and architects do it. They see if there’s a better version of what they are using or merely out of curiosity investigate if there is something they should be adopting into their practice or construction rotation. It’s one of the main reasons so many building professionals attend events such as the International Builders’ Show, ISH, or the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show.

That’s not to say you should use every widget that comes along. Sometimes, manufacturers introduce products touted as the next best thing only to have them collapse under careful scrutiny. Besides, the industry is already awash in so many products.

Still, it can’t help to look. In our travels and conversations with construction pros across the country, we’ve learned about a number of products and brands that we think might pique your curiosity. Here are 10 we think you might like: