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Purist Suspend Kitchen Faucet

most valuable kitch and bath building products 2022 kohler

The Purist Suspend Kitchen Faucet pushes the boundaries of traditional kitchen faucet design by mounting from the ceiling for a striking aesthetic and unrivaled performance. The leading-edge faucet enhances the kitchen without cluttering necessary workspace. Designed to streamline and innovate the cleaning process, the Purist Suspend Faucet features increased rotation and wireless compatibility with a waterproof remote puck that allows the user to seamlessly turn the faucet on and off—resulting in decreased mess and less wasted water. The remote also has features to manage the activation, temperature, and volume of water dispensed.


Delta Faucet

Workstation Sink

Delta Faucetʼs first-ever Workstation Sinks are designed for versatility with high-quality materials and coordinating accessories, allowing consumersʼ kitchens to accommodate their daily lives. Delta Faucet's Workstation Sinks are designed with a built-in WorkFlow ledge that supports included accessories like cutting boards and roll-up dish-drying racks, allowing users to utilize the space over the sink for completing daily kitchen tasks. High-quality bottom grids that protect against dents and damage are also included with each stainless-steel Workstation Sink. Additional accessory offerings make maximum personalization possible and allow consumers to conquer what every day brings.



Statement + Anthem Showering Collection

The Statement Showering Collection re-envisions showering at the most basic level and brings a range of unique shapes and sizes to the shower, breathing new life into well-loved standards and marrying the latest in technology with enduring craftsmanship. From the flow to the arrangement of streams, the settings have been thoughtfully engineered to deliver transformational moments of wellbeing in the shower. With two valve platforms to choose from – mechanical and digital – and meticulously engineered to fit global plumbing standards, these precision systems elevate the showering routine to a next level sensory event.

The Anthem Collection (pictured above) represents a milestone in showering design and overall experience. Every aspect of Anthem valves and controls have been thoughtfully designed to give users an immersive showering experience, tailored to their exact specifications and altered according to their needs. Putting complete control over the temperature, pressure and spray experience in the hands of the user, Anthem provides a customized showering experience.