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Ortal Heat

Wilderness Collection 31H Gas Fiireplace

Ortal Heat Wilderness Collection H31 Gas Fiireplace

With a 65-inch viewing area, the H31 gas fireplace is the tallest model in Ortalʼs Wilderness Collection, delivering stunning views of large, ultra-realistic flames. The towering viewing space—measured from the bottom to the top of the glass—makes it a grand, visual statement for luxury homes and high-end hospitality environments.




Spacekit Loom acoustic art

Spacekit's thoughtfully designed Loom Acoustic Art system combines function and style to add unique character to your living space. Derived from the highly creative mind of Spacekit's production designer, Andi Blady, Blady blends beautiful lines with complementary colors to create a modern and sophisticated look. An homage to the art of weaving, this latest Acoustic Art design is aptly named, Loom. Each panel color-way is paired with specific felt color options that allow both the felt and the panel to stand out. Loom is the second design featured in the Spacekit Artists Series, and each order is signed by Blady herself. 


H-P Products

Chameleon Adaptable Hose System for Central Vacuums

H-P Products Chameleon Adaptable Hose System for Central Vacuums

Chameleon from H-P Products is the first central vacuum hose system to join the innovation of retractable hose systems and the affordability of standard central vac inlets. The result is a truly adaptable system of central vacuum hose management and storage. The Chameleon retractable hose system stores the vacuum hose inside the vacuum tubing. Simply pull the hose out until it locks into place, vacuum the mess and then retract the hose back inside the tubing system. Chameleon can be used for both quick clean-ups and more thorough vacuum jobs. The hose end allows the Chameleon hose to be used in virtually any standard central vacuum valve. And the CamPort seal, closes the suction to the Chameleon valve allowing the other valves to be used.