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Nexgrill Neevo

Nexgrill has created a new evolution in outdoor grilling with its line of Neevo smart grills. This NEX-fi enabled grill connects to the Nexgrill app and removes the guesswork from grilling by using the SureTemp Controller, built-in temperature probes, and a knobless digital LED control panel that operates on a finely tuned algorithm to maintain consistent cooking temperatures. Neevo is available in two models, including the Neevo 720 Plus with Air Fryer, which delivers seven cooking modes: air fry, bake, convection bake, broil, convection broil, toast or warm.


BON Pergola

Villa Pergola

BON Pergola Villa Pergola

Villa Pergola by BON Pergola frames your outdoor living room. It is a stylish, simple pergola, suitable for open spaces including backyards, terraces, gardens, and poolside. Villa Pergolas have hidden drainage systems that channel water off the roof louvers and through high-flow water gutters within the aluminum posts. The product also features motorized louvers and warm-white LED lighting. Villa Pergola louvers have a heavy-duty, double layer design for increased snow: 10+lb/sq ft, and wind ratings: 80+ mph when closed, much greater when opened.


Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

Cosmopolitan Table Collection

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens Cosmopolitan Table Collection

Danverʼs Cosmopolitan Table Collection includes three new product offerings: the Cosmopolitan Prep Table, Cosmopolitan Dining Table and Cosmopolitan Cooking Table. In keeping with the brandʼs commitment to design innovation, this collection provides versatile solutions for outdoor spaces of any footprint—and introduces new cooking options for small spaces in particular. The Cosmopolitan Table Collection is available for purchase in a selection of low-maintenance powder coat finishes, providing added durability.