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Plug & Play Solar Kits

Craftstrom Plug & Play Solar Kits

It is Craftstrom's goal to provide anyone the opportunity to install Solar-kits at a fraction of traditional solar installs. To achieve this, we have created a suite of products that allow you to easily install your own, personal solar and battery system within 10 minutes. All you need are standard power outlets. No matter your circumstances, our Plug & Play products are your salvation to rising energy costs and unreliable utility grids. 



M-Pwr Smart Doors

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors employ patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology that connects residential exterior doors to a homeʼs electrical system and wireless internet network. They are the first residential exterior doors to integrate power, lights, a video doorbell and a smart lock into the door system. It is a fully powered system providing reliable “always on” smart technology and lighting. In the event of a power outage, an emergency backup battery can sustain system power up to 24 hours when fully charged. Additionally, an exclusive M-Pwr smartphone app enables homeowners to remotely program and control motion- activated LED lighting.


Accurate Lock & Hardware


Accurate Lock & Hardware SmartEntry

Keeping design top of mind, SmartEntry by Accurate is fully customizable to be paired with virtually any style of architectural trim and has no exposed electronics, as all components are hidden inside the mortise pocket. It is battery powered for easy installation and the door does not require any wiring. The innovative hardware is an ideal smart solution for retrofit scenarios for existing hardware, or new construction.