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most valuable building products of 2022 Trex Seal

Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, theyʼll point to the ledger board. Trex Seal takes ledger flashing to a whole new level by combining the best performance features of metal and tape flashing in one easy-to-use product. Reinforced with an aluminum liner, the 11-inch-wide tape covers the entire surface of the ledger board and creates a seamless seal over any gaps between the ledger and deck substructure for optimal protection against moisture and water penetration.


Ox Engineered Products


OX-IS is an integrated weatherization system comprised of four components: structural sheathing, continuous insulation, an air barrier, and a water-resistive barrier. By combining multiple components into one product, OX-IS eliminates the need for builders to make multiple trips around a structure to install each individual layer, saving time and labor costs. The system provides best-in-class thermal resistance and protection from the elements in a durable yet lightweight package. OX-IS comes with a 30-year limited system warranty.


PABCO Roofing Products 

Cascade Signature Cut Shingles

Inspired by the slate shingles that crowned the roofs of many historic residences, the Cascade line is designed for roof renovation projects that honor the classic style of heritage buildings. The distinctive design of Cascade shingles features a unique diamond shape ideal for grand gables, dramatic steep pitches, tasteful dormers, and other architectural elements found in the roof designs of historic-style homes.