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Building products giant CertainTeed has released what the company is calling the "world’s strongest gypsum wallboard." With technical benefits previously unseen in the gypsum category, Habito features a high-density formulation that makes it much more durable than standard drywall and even improves acoustic performance. With Habito, an ordinary screw can support up to 30 pounds.

Habito combines the benefits of old-fashioned plaster and modern drywall, adding a sense of stability and substance. This allows builders to instill confidence and assurance for consumers who are upgrading to the material in specific rooms or areas of the home, justifying the added expenses that are associated with high-performance building products. 

“[Habito] helps eliminate the frustration many of us have when hanging heavy objects—the need for anchors or finding wall studs,” says Dave Engelhardt, president of CertainTeed Gypsum. “It continues our emphasis on providing innovative products that offer practical solutions to builders and homeowners.”

The gypsum offers several industry firsts, the company says: It eliminates the need for screwing or nailing to wall studs for fixtures under 30 pounds; it offers professionals a better option for high-traffic and high-impact areas of the home; it provides better sound insulation versus traditional drywall; and it results in fewer repairs.

Available to the North American market this spring, Habito will come in 4-foot-wide panels and 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths. For more information, visit