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S2A Modular has introduced what it claims are the first electrically self-sustaining luxury homes.

Green Lux Homes blend high-end design and materials, fast construction speeds, net zero energy capabilities, and custom and smart home features using modular technology. Users can choose from 35 pre-designed floor plans or create a custom plan, which is then constructed in S2A’s climate-controlled 100,000-plus square foot facility.

“A Green Lux Home isn’t just a slogan: we’re smashing old-fashioned perceptions and truly are creating a new category of custom homes that simply aren’t comparable to any traditional site-built, modular or other types of residences,” says John Rowland, co-founder and president of S2A Modular. “An S2A home is immediately superior in long-term value, upon appraisal, to a traditional home–and for good reason. Simply put, a Green Lux Home saves money, time and energy, while reflecting the ultimate level of sustainability, luxurious design, high-end materials, smart-connected features and an overall better way of living.”

The company has partnered with companies like Tesla, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, AO Smith, NETGEAR, Broadstreet, to source the luxury products and finishes that come pre-installed in the homes. Tesla Powerwall units, fueled by rooftop solar panels, pull enough energy to run the home, and sometimes even contribute back to the grid, the company says. Powerwalls work even if the grid experiences outages.