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Charlotte, N.C.-based Halo Smart Labs says its Halo is the world’s safest and smartest collection of smoke alarms, and the first to utilize specialized sensors to quickly detect fast and slow burning fires, as well as carbon monoxide, in a single device.

“Saving lives is our number one priority, and we achieve that through using specialized technology to create a safer and smarter home environment,” says Halo Smart Labs co-founder, Ben Stagg.

Halo’s home alert system combines specialized fire and natural disaster detection using a weather radio, and connects the device to the Internet and home-automation systems. Users can receive weather bulletins and a host of other safety alerts through the device and adjust settings with an iOS or Android app. It also will send alerts to mobile devices so users are aware of danger when they are away from home.

Halo WX combines all of the features and benefits of Halo and Halo+, but it adds "imminent danger" alerts to create a comprehensive system for hazards in and around the home. It is for tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and nuclear emergencies. A rechargeable battery backup will provide alerts for up to seven days after a power failure.