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The ceiling fans that Faro Barcelona produces are no ordinary products. They go by strange names such as Eterfan and Just Fan, but the products sport sleek lines and the latest technology. Another thing the fans share is a near-invisible appearance.

Suitable for rooms measuring 139 square feet to 190 square feet, Eterfan is a transparent product thanks to its glass and polycarbonate construction. It’s operated by remote control, which features six speeds, and uses a DC motor for energy efficiency. It also has a winter/summer function and comes in two sizes.

Just Fan is suitable for the same size space, but it has a more industrial design. Like Eterfan, it’s activated by remote control and has six adjustable speeds. It offers a reverse function for summer or winter, so users may improve the efficiency of the heating system. It also uses a DC motor.

“DC motors are characterized by low power consumption, quiet operation and precise speed control,” the company writes. The difference between DC and AC motors, the company explains, is that DC always generates the same voltage, while AC varies. Plus, energy usage for DC is 60 percent lower than conventional fans, the motors are quicker to start up, and weigh less because the motor is lighter.

What’s more, DC motors don’t heat up as much as conventional fans and they are usually more durable.