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Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), manufacturer of heat-sensitive, color-changing inks, has brought new heat-loss location technology to the residential market.

BlindSpotz uses the same CTI technology that turns chilled Coors Light cans blue to help homeowners find cold air spots in their homes. The thermochromic manufacturer aims to save homeowners money and solve heat-loss mysteries.

"You can't fix what you don't see," the company says. “BlindSpotz are easy-to-use, removable home sensors to detect, diagnose, and fix cold spots.”

The BlindSpotz indicators feature four sections labeled 65, 60, 55, and 50 F. Before installing, homeowners must firmly press all sections until they are completely gray. The adhesive BlindSpotz sensors can then be fastened to any home surface besides windows and metal. CTI suggests placing them near doors and windows, closets, attic entryways, or near outlets, which are all probable heat loss locations.

CTI BlindSpotz heat loss sensor gradient

For accuracy, the sensors must be left in place for at least 48 hours before reading and work best when outdoor temperatures are 32 F or lower. If the 65 or 60 degree sections turn blue, the area maintains normal temperatures, but if the 55 or 50 degree sections turn blue, the sensor is located in a heat loss problem area. Homeowners can send photos of sensors in problem spots to CTI to receive solutions for how to fix the cold spots.

CTI sees BlindSpotz as an affordable alternative to smart home thermostats that pinpoints the cause of cold spots, instead of the symptoms.

“Consumers can pay $300 for a fancy thermostat that lets them view the temperature of their home on their smartphone and then lower the thermostat to save money,” the company says. “But if people want to use less energy and spend less money, they need to know where they’re losing energy and know the tools available to fix it.”

BlindSpotz sensors are sold in packs of eight and are available on the BlindSpotz website and Amazon.