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High-end Chinese appliance brand Fotile says its new EMG9030 is the industry’s first intelligent, self-adjusting range hood.

Featuring an intelligent air management systerm, the hood automatically detects hazardous gas and initiates ventilation to start cleaning the air. The EMG9030 uses an airborne grease separation technique that achieves a 92 percent oil filtration rate and 98 percent airborne grease separation rate, the company claims.

The unit’s “innovative design is equipped with an intelligent, self-adjusting wing-like surround suction plate which automatically adjusts its height from 3.14 - 4.72 inches according to amount of airborne grease and cooking smoke, creating the optimal control zone so that no grease and smoke escapes,” says Fotile, whose American division is in Parsippany, N.J.

Operating at 48 decibels, the hood uses Silent Volute technology that ensures a smoother and faster airflow, while reducing the turbulence of air, the brand says. A DC variable frequency motor also allows for smooth and quite operation.

Fotile EMG9030 smart Range hood Silo


“Every curve on the Fotile hood case and every color scheme is carefully considered to provide an unforgettable visual effect and a beautiful piece of art in your kitchen,” the company says.

The design of the unit is backed up with high performance, Fotile says. For example, the hood has twin turbo fan with at least 6 square feet of smoke range so that no smoke escapes, creating fresh, odor-free, and non-greasy environments.

It offers other features, too:

  • Auto Turbo System runs at the most powerful mode to maximize the extraction capacity
  • Intelligent Air Management ensure fresh air always
  • Delay-off function ensures the unit runs long enough cooking is done
  • Smart Lift system automatically detects the amount of smoke and changes the height as well as the suction and discharge gear
  • A smart kitchen air manager controls the air quality in your kitchen so if there is a gas leak it will automatically turn on and remove the harmful gas

Other features include a double-layer Clean and Clear filter; LED indicators and lights; and Anti Head Bumping Parts, among others.

Fotile EMG9030 smart Range hood


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