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Today is a special episode because we are sitting down with my very close and personal friend, even though we have never actually met, Canadian architectural rock star Omar Gandhi.

Talking Shop with Omar Gandhi Life of an Architect ep 41
Making an Architect
Episode 21 /

There isn’t an architect walking the planet that hasn’t questioned if they were making the right decision when they decided to become an architect—at least not if they’re being honest with themselves—which leads us to today’s topic of “Making an Architect.”

Life of an Architect Podcast: The Construction Bid Process
Episode 20 /

Every client wants to know what their project is going to cost and who’s going to build it. That means sending the drawings out and getting contractors involved … Let’s get ready to rumble because “The Construction Bid Process ” is today’s topic. Episode sponsor: Pella Architectural Solutions

Architectural Fees: Life of an Architect podcast
Episode 19 /

Architectural Fees are a mystery to most people, and there is no shortage of methods that architects charge for their services. How do you make sense of the options? Which method works best for you? How do you provide a method that suits the needs of both the architect and their clients? In Episode 19, we have an excellent discussion on the many different ways architects charge for their professional services, from hourly, to percentage of construction, to cost per square foot. Episode sponsor: Pella Architectural Solutions

Pella Architectural Solutions: Life of an Architect Podcast
Crafting an Image: Life of an Architect Podcast
Episode 18 /

Architecture and photography have a symbiotic relationship, and every architect knows that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. For today’s episode, Andrew and I sit down with photographer Poul Ober to discuss the role photography plays in telling an architectural story, as well as the evolving impact photography is having on popular culture. Poul is a highly sought-after commercial photographer, but is most notably my next door neighbor. Episode sponsor: Pella Architectural Solutions

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