Lack Of Flood Insurance Dooms Many Louisiana Home And Business Owners

August 19, 2016

Storms in southeast Louisiana this week have caused severe flooding, and many home and business owners are in a world of trouble.

The Advocate reports that many owners in four parishes in FEMA federal disaster areas do not have flood insurance.

On the high end, 22 percent of structure are flood insured in Livingston Parish, but the rates are lower Tangipahoa Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish (around 12 percent each) and St. Helena Parish (only 1 percent). East Baton Rouge Parish contains 192,436 total households.

FEMA announced a grant program which can provide up to $33,000 for owners who live in neighborhoods where flood insurance wasn’t required. A FEMA spokesman, though, said people will receive much less than the max, and more likely around $10,000.

Here’s how you can help victims of the floods.

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