Product Review

By Rhonda Jackson | September 30, 2005




Silestone's Leather Texture is combined with its microban technology to create a surface that is not only pleasing to look at, but sanitary as well. The microban technology hinders the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, resulting in a surface that is easy to clean and which stays cleaner between cleanings. The Leather Texture line is available in Silestone's 16 standard colors plus five new colors: Grey Amazon, Yellow Nile, Santa Fe Brown and Sonora Gold. The new color series known as the River Series features non-directional veins and shadows.


Benissimo's has developed a five-piece granite tile system that fits together to create premium A-grade solid granite countertops. This granite system can be installed as a fireplace hearth and mantel, stairs, custom tub or island counter. The five component pieces - outside corner, bullnose, inside corner left, inside corner right and field tile - are offered in standard sizes of 13 1/2- × 13 1/2-inches, 13 1/2- × 12-inches, 12-× 12-inches. There are 12 color options as well as a line of mosaics, trims-pencils and crown moldings and accessories. The surfaces and accessories can be ordered with a polished and/or honed finish.

Vitra Tiles

Vitra Tile offers more than 70 colors in its glazed ceramic tile line, Modular Arkitekt RAL Color Series. The colors are available in matte, gloss and two different non-slip surfaces. There are 14 standard grout sizes ranging from 1 × 1 inches to 24 × 36 inches and five sizes available dot-mounted: 4 × 4 inches, 2 × 4 inches, 2 × 2 inches, 1 × 2 inches, 1 × 1 inches. Because of its low water absorption rate, the Modular Arkitekt RAL Color series is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These tiles are frost-resistant and can be installed in pools and on building facades.


Samsung has added nine new colors to its solid surface countertop line. The nine colors range from earthy neutral tones to blue-green seaside colors. All of the new color offerings incorporate a particulate mix for a variety of patterns and quartz-like, granite-like or mosaic-type of finishes. The new colors: Sanded Ginger, Pebble Cedar, Pebble Maize, Pebble Caper, Pebble Frost, Quarry Butte, Quarry Plateau, Quarry Mallard, Breccia Stoneware are grouped under Staron's seven color categories.

L G Solid Source

LG Viatera, which is Latin for "by way of earth" is LG Solid Source's new quartz surface line. In keeping with its name, this new line is earth toned yet colorful. L G Viatera features 12 new colors and is offered in 2- and 3-cm thicknesses. This new line is imported from Italy and is 93 percent natural quartz blended with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigments.


Mannington Mills has two new hardwood flooring lines, Gatehouse Maple and Providence Oak. Gatehouse Maple is a hand-hewn 5-inch wide plank. This hand-scraped flooring comes in three warm shades: Caramel, Cognac, Coffee. Providence Oak is a wire-brushed 5-inch wide plank. The antiqued look is created from wire brushing, distressing, beveling and hand staining the wood plank. Providence Oak has a low-gloss finish and is available in four colors: one dark brown- Antique; and three warmer browns-Harvest, Gunstock, Butternut.


Embellish, Caesarstone's new contemporary color line, was inspired by Italian design and color trends. Embellish features eight colors: Tequila Sunrise; Apple Martini; Rosemary; Mocha; Brick; Cinder; Cement and Iceberg. These new color, quartz countertops are resistant to heat and cold temperatures, mold and mildew, stains, chips and scratches.

Atlas Roofing

StormMaster ST and StormMaster LM are two impact resistant shingle lines offered by Atlas Roofing Corporation. The styrene butadiene styrene shingle composition makes it possible for the StormMaster line to withstand hail and hurricane-like weather. The StormMaster ST is available in six colors: Colonial Gray, Hearthstone Gray, Highland Brown, Sable Black, Silver White, Tierra Tan; and the StormMaster LM is available in five: Colonial Gray, Hearthstone Gray, Highland Brown, Sable Black, Tierra Tan.


Simonton's StormBreaker Plus line is impact resistant and designed for hurricane regions. The windows in this line feature Simonton's KeepSafe Maximum glass, which is composed from polyvinyl butyral-plastic sandwiched between two pieces of double-strength glass. The insulated glass is joined to a double-strength tempered glass and sealed. This glass unit is sealed into the frame through a glazing process. The StormBreaker Plus line covers several product offerings: double hung tilt, casement, awning, geometric and picture style windows and a center-hinge, out-swing, garden door.

PGT WinGuard

PGT WinGuard has made three enhancements to its impact-resistant window and door line. The enhancements include redesigning single-hung window and addition of both a casement window and a horizontal roller to the product offerings. These new enhancements come with PGT's standard features which includes: energy-efficient vinyl frames with laminated insulating glass; integral fin, equal leg or flange; low-E; a DP classification of 60 and ASTM E1886/E1996 rating for impact protection resistance.


Craft-Art wood countertops feature 20 different species of European lumber. These hand selected boards can be ordered up to a 6-inch thickness. The tops are available in two full-length styles: plank and edge-grain. A third offering, the end-grain style, creates a checkerboard pattern. Craft-Art countertops are also available in other domestic and exotic woods and more than 30 edge profiles. Additional customization options include a distressed look and cutouts for sinks, trash receptacles and drop-in blocks. Each wood countertop is dry-fitted, hand sanded and sealed with an organic tung oil varnish that makes the wood block waterproof, heat resistant and stain resistant.


Crossville's Savoy line draws from early 19th century American handmade tiles. This line can be installed as a kitchen backsplash, accent wall or as a light-duty countertop. The tiles are offered in five colors: white, linen, blush, sea mist and café, with lighter shades having an opaque glaze and darker colors having a transparent glaze. The tiles are available in 3 × 6 inch and 6 × 6 inch sizes. The Savoy line features sheet mounted 1- × 2-inch Pinwheel Pattern and the 1- × 2-inch Running Bond or Brick Pattern. Bead board is available in 6-× 6- inch size and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Eleven trim pieces are available: a bullnose, quarter round, chair rail, base molding, crown molding and several linear bars.


Cozumel is the new color addition to the Avonite recycled collection. Designed with the beach in mind, Cozumel is a neutral color mixed with glass chips. The glass chips are recycled from Avonite's Glass Series line. Cozumel is a green certified product and contains a minimum of 40 percent recycled content. Several application options include: special edges, coved backsplashes, inlays, accents and seamless integrated sinks.


Eloquence, Domco's new line floor coverings features 24 patterns and colors. With an overall thickness of 85 mils that includes a 15-mil urethane layer, Eloquence has a felt backing reinforced with fiberglass strands. The Tritonite Plus urethane finish is scratch resistant and does not need to be waxed. This tile is available in 9- and 12- foot widths. The 24 style offerings feature traditional ceramic looks; slate reproductions; vintage hardwood that replicates wide-width, random planks and classic square tile designs.






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